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Can you leverage the transformative impact of cloud computing on IT service delivery?

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CA Services provides strategic consulting, deployment and optimization services to help you implement cloud solutions faster and with less risk.

CA Services enables organizations of any size to effectively advance through the physical-to-virtual-to-cloud journey by employing a pragmatic and proven approach that incorporates people, process, technology and architecture. Our industry leading Cloud Services Framework is comprised of targeted, high-value services delivered by a passionate and skilled team of consultants who provide quality work – without exceptions.

Featured Cloud Service Offerings:

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From providing training on how to secure your private and public cloud environment, to managing cloud application projects and mastering the skills needed to build a private cloud, CA Education is your ultimate source for obtaining the skills needed to master CA Technologies Cloud solutions.

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CA Education Learning Paths
CA Cloud Learning Paths take the guesswork out of training plans by providing recommended training, by job role. Featured Cloud Learning Paths include:

Cloud Security
CA Identity Manager Learning Path (70 KB PDF)
CA SiteMinder® Learning Path (60 KB PDF)

Cloud Service Assurance
CA Wily Application Performance Management Learning Path (110 KB PDF)
CA eHealth® Learning Path (100 KB PDF)
CA Spectrum® Infrastructure Manager Learning Path (120 KB PDF)

Cloud Project and Portfolio Management
CA Clarity™ PPM Learning Path (110 KB PDF)

Cloud Service Automation
CA AutoSys® Workload Automation Learning Path (67 KB PDF)
CA ESP Workload Automation Learning Path (45 KB PDF)

CA Productivity Accelerator
CA Productivity Accelerator is a one stop content development platform for creating diverse training materials for your Cloud needs.

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