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Quickly and efficiently increase energy efficiency and lower operational costs across the desktop, data centers, and the enterprise.

Energy, sustainability and other resource issues are impacting businesses in many ways. The infrastructure of the business – whether that infrastructure is the datacenter, the facility or logistics infrastructure – is increasingly affected by limitations in such dimensions as space, power, cooling and operational flexibility. Increasing energy costs, expanding compliance requirements and elevated expectations among customers, employees and other stakeholders concerning sustainability and corporate transparency are also changing the way many businesses function.

Leading organizations committed to long-term progress in energy and sustainability nowadays seek a new level of management control by integrating, automating, and providing actionable intelligence from otherwise disparate information sources – people, software systems, and process and infrastructure equipment. 

CA Technologies offers award-winning enterprise-wide energy and sustainability management solutions designed to:

  • Improve performance, increase energy efficiency, and lower operational costs
  • Accurately measure, assess, and report energy and sustainability impacts and progress
  • Align energy and sustainable IT solutions with business goals
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