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CA PaymentMinder™ for 3-D Secure

(formerly CA Arcot® TransFort®)

Reduce credit card fraud and increase customer confidence in ecommerce security.

The explosive growth of eCommerce has focused attention on eCommerce security concerns associated with online payment transactions. Cardholders worry about the safety of online transactions while card issuers are concerned about the risks and costs of payment fraud. CA PaymentMinder for 3-D Secure helps to reduce the risk of credit card fraud in Card Not Present (CNP) transactions so that organizations and cardholders are shielded and secure. By implementing a 3-D Secure program you can offer your cardholders robust eCommerce payment security by authenticating cardholders during online purchases.

Using our layered approach to authentication, CA PaymentMinder for 3-D Secure allows you to add protection via transparent risk analytics and multifactor authentication to further verify a legitimate cardholder without impacting user experience. CA PaymentMinder for 3-D Secure supports individual banks, global banks, service providers and processors who offer card management services. The flexible architecture facilitates integration with existing card issuer systems including home banking and fraud management systems.

Key Features

  • Configurable functionality and card range-level configuration
  • Multiple administrator levels
  • Fine-grained administrator privileges
  • Aggregated administrator access
  • Activation During Shopping (ADS) support

Key Benefits

  • Reduce fraud loss by identifying and stopping risky eCommerce transactions.
  • Achieve compliance with 3-D Secure programs from Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover/Diners.
  • Increase customer confidence by providing eCommerce payment security.
  • Configure business rules, security and user experience for each card portfolio.

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CA PaymentMinder for 3-D Secure

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