CA Executive Playbook

(formerly CA Clarity™ Playbook)

Connect strategy to business outcomes.

The most successful organizations understand the importance of a well-defined strategy. This can require clear alignment of investments and resources and the information needed to respond to changing business conditions. However, today’s leaders sometimes lack the tools needed for them to manage this transformation and drive greater transparency into performance and value. CA Executive Playbook puts the power of CA PPM in the hands of your executives to:

  • Define strategic goals and objectives.
  • Align investments.
  • Prioritize new initiatives.
  • Improve stakeholder communication.
  • Increase accountability through measured business outcomes.

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Hear how CA Executive Playbook can drive your perpetual strategic plan

Key Features

  • Create a dynamic, strategic business playbook.
  • Balance, evaluate and track initiatives and investments.
  • Use your iPad to collaborate, adapt and communicate updates to your strategic plan.
  • Gain anytime, anywhere access to business goals and objectives.
  • Visualize impact of investment decisions.
  • Get started quickly in an easy to implement environment.

Key Benefits

  • Improved transparency of strategic plan for faster execution
  • Faster response time to changing market conditions
  • Greater alignment of investment spend to key strategic initiatives
  • Reduced number of planning meetings for status and coordination
  • Higher annual growth rates by driving more organic innovation
  • Reduced travel time and costs for key executives involved in strategic planning

What customers are saying about CA Executive Playbook?

  • Consumer manufacturer says, “We’re interested in an easy manner for upper management to do strategic planning. CA Executive Playbook has a nice look and feel for our executives.”
  • Healthcare company says, “CA Executive Playbook is the path to go for our senior management team.”
  • Insurance company noted, “Our executives need to see the big picture at all times.”

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Numbers to know

Numbers to Know

  • According to McKinsey Quarterly, companies who perpetually plan for organic growth achieved 30% vs 9% CAGR for annual planning cycles.
  • Approximately $850,000 per year can be saved in executive travel costs per “Better Business Meetings”.
  • Up to 240 man weeks are spent per year on manual planning and budgeting efforts according to

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