Your Business is Dynamic - Are You?

Empowering the Dynamic Data Center and Accelerate Change

Organizations everywhere are under increasing pressure to innovate to gain competitive advantage and promote business growth. The consumerization of IT—and the need to employ new business models and technologies to meet related demands—is largely responsible.

The role of the data center is rapidly evolving from simply supporting established business processes to continuously driving innovation through the optimal alignment of IT resources. Moving forward, the most effective organizations will progress to a fully integrated and dynamic data center where:

  • Information systems management is highly automated. IT staff is empowered to perform tasks and access relevant information quickly to accelerate service delivery and problem resolution.
  • Applications execute across heterogeneous architectures and are managed as a whole, not within silos, allowing greater visibility into operations and performance.
  • Workloads are assigned to the best-suited server, enabling improved service quality to the business.
  • Undeniably Strategic

    The mainframe is the most reliable and cost effective platform to provide these capabilities and will retain its place as one of the most critical drivers of the dynamic data center.

    CA Technologies offers a comprehensive suite of solutions that empower you to optimize efficiency, reduce risks and transform your cross-enterprise IT environment into a dynamic data center. By implementing our best in-class solutions to simplify and automate your IT infrastructure, you can begin to reap real costs savings and improve effectiveness—increasing IT’s ability to drive business value and innovation.

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