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Privileged Identity Management and Virtualization Security

Gain powerful control over your privileged users – in physical and virtual environments.

While security breaches can occur from many sources both inside and outside the organization, the most damaging attacks have something in common: the use of privileged accounts. By their nature, these accounts have the permissions–or privileges–to significantly change a system, application, or database. Actions using these accounts have the potential to be uniquely destructive.

Failure to control your privileged identities could lead to security breaches by both insiders and external parties, resulting in data loss or destruction, malicious damage, fines, lawsuits and a loss in shareholder value. In addition, auditors are requiring their clients to proactively demonstrate that they have the ability to control privileged users and report on their activities. Privileged Identity Management lies at the heart of any cyber-defense whether focused on insiders or external parties.

A common starting point that organizations deploy in order to reduce the threats posed by their privileged accounts is to control their passwords. While important, this approach fails to sufficiently reduce the risks posed by privileged accounts. Controlling access to privileged accounts by only controlling the password does not limit what malicious users can do once they are logged in to the privileged account. Without further controls, an organization is still at significant risk.

CA ControlMinder products offer a comprehensive and mature solution for privileged identity management in both physical and virtual environments. CA ControlMinder is a scalable solution that provides privileged access and account management, such as: user password management, fine-grained access controls, user activity reporting and UNIX authentication bridging across servers, applications and devices from a central management console. CA ControlMinder for Virtual Environments brings privileged identity management and security automation to virtual environments from infrastructures to  virtual machines. CA ControlMinder Shared Account Management brings password management to privileged user account identities.

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Protecting Against Insider Threats and External Attacks

CA ControlMinder™

Bring accountability and control to your privileged users.

  • Shared Account Management (Privileged User Password Management)
  • Fine-grained access controls
  • UNIX authentication bridging
  • User activity reporting

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CA ControlMinder™ for Virtual Environments

Improve virtualization security with privileged identity management and virtualization-aware automation.

  • Ensure hypervisor security.
  • Automate security controls.
  • Manage shared accounts.
  • Audit privileged user activity/accounts.

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CA ControlMinder™ Shared Account Management

Reduce the risk of shared administrative accounts with shared password management.

  • Administrative password checkout and automation
  • “Break Glass” feature for emergency account access
  • Privileged accounts wizard
  • Session management
  • Entitlements reporting

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