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Data Protection

Data protection solutions that discover, classify and control sensitive and regulated information. Protect your business from data loss and regulatory non-compliance.

Protect your critical assets with our data protection suite - CA DataMinder. CA DataMinder delivers data security solutions on the endpoint, network, email server and data repositories. Whether it’s on-premise, mobile or the cloud, our data protection solutions can meet your data security and regulatory requirements while enabling business to continue.

These data security solutions not only prevent information leakage from accidental and malicious handling but enables business process continuity through precise identity-centric policies. Data protection will allow your business to discover, classify and control of sensitive information across all phases of the data lifecycle: whether data is in-use, in-motion, at-rest or at-access.

CA DataMinder is also the engine that enables our Content-Aware Identity and Access Management solution. While most data protection solutions only control the handling of information, our solution enables the control of information at the point of access.

Protecting Against Insider Threats and External Attacks

CA DataMinder™

Control data —and who can access it— in use, in motion, at rest and on access.

  • Control data handling and access.
  • Identify various content types.
  • Enable superior detection methods.
  • Ensure enterprise scalability.

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CA Email Control for the Enterprise

Prevent unauthorized access to your sensitive information with email security.

  • Broad email coverage
  • Precise email security control
  • Fast and simple deployment

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Data Sheets

Data Sheets
CA DataMinder™ Classification
Data Sheets
CA DataMinder Endpoint Data Sheet
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CA DataMinder Network

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