CA Performance Management

Assure service quality with centralized, proactive infrastructure performance management.

CA Performance Management can provide your IT and engineering teams a better way to proactively monitor and assure quality of service in large, growing and increasingly-complex infrastructures. Collaboratively designed with hundreds of users worldwide, CA Performance Management is a next-generation component of CA Technologies’ rich infrastructure management solution.

This infrastructure management solution monitors large amounts of simple network management protocol (SNMP) and non-SNMP performance and availability metrics and integrates them with traffic flow, capacity, application response, VoIP and video metrics from pre-integrated add-on tools. It displays these metrics together in a single UI that can speed triage and resolution of service-threatening problems.

CA Performance Management can help your organization assure service quality because:

  • It has been specifically designed for organizations that need fast information for first responders as well as granular information for deep analysis by subject matter experts.
  • It has dashboards that guide workflows to speed high-level troubleshooting across multi-discipline and multi-technology metrics and contextually launch pre-integrated technology-specific tools for deeper, more granular analytics suitable for technology-specific subject matter experts.

Key Features

  • Converged management: Offers a single user interface that combines all aspects of infrastructure management which are performance, availability, flow, capacity, application response and more.
  • Intelligent visualization: Provides predefined, customizable dashboards for triage and root-cause analysis, featuring intelligent metrics and guided workflows based on best practices.
  • High-scalability monitoring architecture: Delivers high performance data collection and aggregation, linearly scalable polling and massive data storage.
  • Economical footprint and easy administration for high-scale monitoring: Offers a cost-effective host platform, productivity-boosting administrative and user interfaces, and Web services application performance interface (API) for custom integrations and automation.
  • Native multi-tenancy: Cost-effectively share resources across multiple tenants while safe-guarding their confidentiality.

Key Benefits

  • Enable faster and more proactive triage and remediation of service-threatening infrastructure issues.
  • Monitor massive amounts of metrics required to manage large, growing and increasingly complex infrastructures.
  • Make visual correlation of massive amounts of metrics easier and more insightful.
  • Make IT management more business-focused by showing infrastructure performance and flow in an application context.
  • Lower the cost of monitoring and scaling large environments by easily onboarding new infrastructure technologies, new locations and new customers.
  • Give service providers an easy, secure way to deliver reports and portal access to multiple clients.

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