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Exciting, innovative technology trends are re-shaping opportunities for companies. The challenge is to unlock the potential of such trends to enhance your own complex and diverse IT environment. At CA Technologies, we take a practical approach to innovation. We explore great ideas, test and prove them, and make them "do-able." We deliver reliable, scalable solutions today, while working to lead, meet and exceed expectations for IT management in the future.

CA Innovation Central Blog

CA Labs

The advanced research organization within CA Technologies, CA Labs leverages leading-edge, collaborative research from universities around the world.

A recent global study into the future role of the CIO in business reveals some surprising statistics. This survey was part of a CA Labs research project. Read more.

Council for Technical Excellence

“Think tank” of technical leaders from across the company, providing thought leadership and innovative solutions for the IT management industry.

CA Press

The official publisher of CA Technologies books, the essential resource for business and IT professionals and students.

CA Technologies Innovation Centers

A collaborative development environment for CA Technologies thought leaders and researchers from academia to create market-disrupting products, with the goal of mutually advancing strategic goals.