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Secure SSO and Flexible Access Management

Capitalize on business opportunities while keeping your company safe and secure.

Developing and deploying Web and cloud-based applications are now driving forces in growing businesses. These applications are necessary for supporting online commerce, collaboration and other transactions that drive everyday business. But as these business opportunities and everyday transactions increase, so does the risk for fraud and online attacks. Securing and managing these Web-based interactions is crucial, and this involves understanding who a user is, what the user is attempting to do, then enforcing appropriate security policies or controls.

CA SiteMinder® SSO & Flexible Access Management solutions are highly-scalable, flexible access management solutions that provide secure single sign-on, policy-based authorization, auditing and administration for Web and cloud applications. CA SiteMinder® Federation supports standards-based identity federation to allow users to securely access applications across domains. It helps to make your online presence secure, available and accessible—without organizational boundaries getting in the way.  And CA SiteMinder® Secure Proxy Server delivers a high-performance proxy gateway that provides an optional deployment model in the Secure SSO & Flexible Access Management family for securely enabling online business and single sign-on.

These access management solutions can enable you to capitalize on new Web and cloud business opportunities, reduce administrative costs and improve your organization’s Web access security.

CA SiteMinder Federation

CA SiteMinder®, the Need for Access Management

CA SiteMinder®

Access management for web applications and portals using open standards.

  • Secure single sign-on
  • Standards-based identity federation

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CA SiteMinder® Federation

Federated identity management makes your online presence secure, available and accessible—without organizational boundaries getting in the way.

  • Single sign-on and logout
  • Partnership administration and federation standards support
  • Flexible deployment
  • Identity and service provider support

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CA CloudMinder™ Single Sign-On

Give users the right access at the right time.

  • Provide single sign-on across on-premise and cloud services.
  • Support standards-based federation.
  • Establish partnerships with pre-tested applications.
  • Create new user accounts quickly.
  • Configure policies to protect user information.

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CA SiteMinder® Agent for SharePoint

Deliver ease and speed of Web access to your SharePoint collaborators.

  • Single sign-on to SharePoint
  • Flexible authentication methods and step-up capabilities
  • Provider services
  • Auditing and reporting
  • Password services

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CA Directory

Speed directory services quickly and efficiently.

  • Exceptional read and write performance
  • High scalability
  • Strong security
  • All-master replication
  • Automatic recovery

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CA SiteMinder® Web Services Security

Manage and control access at a new level with a fast, flexible and cost-efficient security solution.

  • Access management
  • Security centralization
  • Heterogeneous support
  • Identity-centric policies
  • Standards support
  • Federation as both a security token consumer and producer

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