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Geography: North America

Industry: IT Services

    With CA DCIM, we can fully optimize the performance of our data center. Before we had to rely on manual methods, which meant we tended to err on the side of caution and it cost us money to do so. David Brown, Founder, President and CEO, Datotel


    Founded in 2004, Datotel is an IT services provider specializing in developing strategic business solutions to help clients optimize their IT infrastructure and reduce cost of ownership.


    To help clients embrace the application economy, Datotel needs to offer reliable and scalable infrastructure solutions. This means monitoring the capacity and power consumption of thousands of different data center components.


    With CA DCIM, Datotel can track power consumption and capacity in the data center in real time. Aisle cooling levels can be adjusted to maximize energy efficiency while 3-D visualization tools help customers to map future growth.


    CA DCIM enables Datotel to safeguard service quality for its customers by optimizing data center availability, efficiency and capacity. As a result, power consumption and costs are lower and competitive advantage is higher.



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    Call us at 1-800-225-5224
    Call us at 1-800-225-5224
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