Business Service Innovation

Published: 14 Nov 2011

Business Service Innovation helps enterprises move from simply managing and maintaining IT to delivering business services to ensure speed, agility, innovation with cost/risk efficiencies. Business Service Innovation optimizes technology planning in the context of particular business goals.

CA Technologies uniquely offers the ability to realize the benefits of Business Service Innovation through our value roadmaps and the unique solutions that underpin that roadmap. This framework has guided the Company’s acquisitions over the past 18-plus months and has resulted in a common platform that endows IT with unprecedented speed, innovation, cost/risk efficiencies and performance.

The CA Technologies Business Service Innovation roadmaps integrate the following services, tools, and solutions to drive game-changing outcomes:

  • Model: The design and deployment of customers’ composite services are optimized through modeling and simulation of performance, integrations, security, capacity requirements and cost—before any investment is made.
  • Assemble: Service resources from mainframe, distributed and virtualized environments—as well as third-party and cloud services—are assembled into service bundles.
  • Automate: Rapidly developed, customized solutions are automated to orchestrate services across physical, virtual and cloud environments.
  • Assure: Monitoring, predictive analytics and performance optimization are applied across the entire IT value chain, assuring service levels and reliability.
  • All of the elements of the value roadmap are managed under a single Service Management framework, regardless of where the services are located. CA Technologies is a leader in the Service Management category and has extended that leadership to cloud and hybrid environments.

CA Technologies helps our customers innovate to drive competitive differentiation, and we help them find new revenue streams to drive growth and obtain increased value from IT. We are helping our customers develop the capabilities necessary to become an agile business today and tomorrow -- creating speed, managing cost and risk, delivering innovation and efficiencies which enable increased cycles, and drive increased performance.

CA Technologies Makes Agility Possible.

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