Cloud Infrastructure: 4Base Services Methodology

Published: 30 Sep 2010

Core areas that CA Technologies/4Base addresses as part of our adoption methodology include:

Business Justification
Establish business metrics based on current and projected costs associated with the physical server platform inventory in conjunction with the costs associated to virtualize, in order to identify the consolidation ratio required to realize a positive ROI.

Gap Analysis
Examine existing tools, system agents, and other common software used in the environment to assess applicability and compatibility in the virtualized environment.

Consolidation Assessments
Perform workload identification and capture system utilization metrics to identify candidates for virtualization and determine if the required consolidation ratios can be met to execute the project within the budget target set during the Business Justification task.

Define systems, network and storage architectures that are specific to virtualization that will be used in the deployment Implementation phase.

Compliance & Security
Investigate existing compliance and security requirements to identify whether the proper controls and tools can be applied to the virtualized environment including both hosts and guests.

Operational Readiness
Examine existing Operations organizations, tools and processes to develop a roadmap which ensures that the virtualization environment can be properly managed.

Data & Site Recovery
Create a data management, protection and site recovery strategy that includes tools, process and responsibilities with periodic validations

Formulate a service level and chargeback structure for the shared virtualization infrastructure that considers existing internal billing controls and practices

Growth & Futures
Develop a plan that applies governance towards meeting demand for virtualization resources in a controlled manner. Consider industry and vendor-specific technology roadmaps for strategic planning and preparation purposes.