Alaska Airlines Enables Air Travel Innovation via APIs

Business: As the seventh-largest US-based carrier, Alaska Airlines flies to 90 destinations in three countries, and also code-shares with a wide range of other airline partners.

Challenge: Alaska Airlines has been building Web services for its customers and employees for the better part of the last decade. But exposing these services as APIs to third parties—services that generate revenue for Alaska Airlines on a day to-day basis—was not a step to be taken lightly. It needed to ensure its APIs wouldn’t be compromised, either by deliberate attack or by inadvertent usage.

Solution: After an extensive POC, the airline chose CA API Gateway for ease of use and the ability to automate the migration of APIs between development/test, QA and production environments, which was key when working with third-party partners who employed agile development processes.

Benefit: With the CA API Gateway in place, Alaska Airlines can now securely expose its APIs to potentially thousands of third-party developers whose applications are dramatically expanding its market reach. The Gateway tracks API usage by application, facilitating the understanding of where to invest going forward. And by caching results for travelers’ flight information, Alaska Airlines can reduce its backend network costs.

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