CA Panvalet®

Centralize storage of your application source.

CA Panvalet is a powerful library management system that centralizes the storage of your source, Job Control Language (JCL), object and data. It can reduce the complexity and overhead associated with maintaining business applications by offering a single repository that provides visibility to and control of your programming environment.

CA Panvalet establishes, maintains and protects a control library of source programs, JCL and card-image data files. It provides immediate access for maintenance and processing and effective control and protection against theft, disaster or other loss. CA Panvalet can increase staff efficiency, enable reliable and powerful change management and improve machine performance by:

  • Providing a central library on a direct access storage device (DASD)
  • Automating resource-intensive manual processes

Key Features

  • Centralizes library storage on DASD
  • Establishes, maintains and protects a control library of development assets
  • Gives immediate access for maintenance and processing
  • Provides member lock, a compare program and a comprehensive directory

Key Benefits

  • Reduces development complexity and overhead
  • Protects against inadvertent loss of source code
  • Enhances asset management
  • Provides more efficient DASD utilization

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Technical Documents
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Avoiding Compliance Nightmares

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