CA SymDump® for CICS

Quickly detect, analyze and resolve CICS ABEND application failures.

CA SymDump for CICS helps you find and fix CICS® dumps as quickly as possible, promoting increased application stability and reliability. Equipped with diagnostic tools that provide insight into the source of production problems, it can help you quickly trace and assess issues in order to maintain critical application functionality.

To help you respond quickly to CICS application failures, this mainframe solution presents CICS dumps in an accessible source statement format. Through an intuitive GUI, you can set up specialty views and user-defined profiles that focus on specific sources to help you maximize your effectiveness.

CA SymDump for CICS not only provides reports on program failures, but also offers insights into the root cause of the problem along with a suggested course of action. With this insight you can make a swift, informed response that can increase application reliability and help you consistently meet your SLAs.

CA SymDump for CICS provides offers intelligent support for a variety of mainframe databases, comprehensive reporting and other capabilities to enable you to:

  • Quickly trace the flow of unfamiliar code to pinpoint performance problems.
  • Debug programs before and during production.

Key Features

  • Symbolic dump display
  • CICS dump management capabilities
  • Powerful trace capabilities
  • Database and file information
  • Watch View and other customizable views
  • Integration with CA InterTest for CICS for problem resolution

Key Benefits

  • Debugs CICS errors in production
  • Facilitates maintenance of unfamiliar code
  • Lowers the risk of application failure
  • Increases IT efficiency
  • Shortens development cycles and improves application quality

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