What is Certification from CA Technologies?

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Certification is an objective, measured means of distinguishing yourself and your company as highly skilled and knowledgeable in the installation, implementation, configuration, management and administration of CA Technologies products.

We strongly encourage CA Customers to pursue higher levels of expertise in their CA products through CA Education and certification. CA Partners and CA technical and support team members are required to obtain certification for the specific products they support.

Why get certified?

You benefit. Certification from CA Technologies is a distinction that proves your significant product knowledge and capabilities to others. Getting certified can not only increase your skills, but also reduce your reliance on outside support, speed issue resolution time and position you as a critical member of your team.

Your company benefits. Certification can enable your company to qualify for and win more projects and strengthen customer confidence in your expertise. Certification can also lead to lower costs and improved return on investment from better implementation, management and administration of CA Technologies products.

Certification is a Win-Win for you and your company!

How do I get certified?

You achieve certification by successfully completing a certification exam, administered by KryterionOnline Webassessor.

See the table below to view available certifications and link to related study materials and exam registration page.

Certification Levels

Certification levels are role-based, allowing both the organization and the individual to customize the level of knowledge required based on the examinee's position and responsibilities within the IT lifecycle. These include:


    Demonstrate application management best practices including resource and scheduling management and related user-level troubleshooting.
  Demonstrate knowledge of the application infrastructure and typical use cases for installation, configuration and optimization.


Certification Exams

Product Certification Exam Preparation Materials:
CA Application Performance Management

Professional Exam Materials

CA AppLogic

Professional Exam Materials

CA Capacity Management

Professional Exam Materials

CA Cloud Service Management 

Professional Exam Materials

CA eHealth®

Professional Exam Materials

CA Identity Manager (CA IdentityMinder)

Professional Exam Materials

CA Performance Management

Professional Exam Materials

CA PPM (CA Clarity™ PPM)

Professional Exam Materials
Business Analyst Exam Materials

CA Privileged Identity Manager (CA ControlMinder) Professional Exam Materials
CA Process Automation

Professional Exam Materials

CA Service Catalog

Professional Exam Materials

CA Service Desk Manager

Professional Exam Materials

CA Single Sign-On (CA SiteMinder® )

Professional Exam Materials

CA Spectrum®

Professional Exam Materials

CA Unified Infrastructure Management 

Professional Exam Materials


Administration Exams

You can register for Administrator Accreditation exams through the Customer Catalog.

Accreditation Exams

To narrow your search, enter the specific product name only in the search field.

Customers, please go to the Customer Catalog.

Partners, please log in to the CA Partner Education Portal to access the CA Partner Education Catalog.

Employees can access their courseware through the Employee Education Portal.