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Securing the Open Enterprise

CA IT Security Solutions can help you enable and protect your business in a world of cloud, mobile, and social media.

Today’s business environment demands new approaches to security in order to leverage trends such as mobile, cloud, social media and Big Data. The network perimeter has been replaced by an open enterprise where users, applications and data can exist almost anywhere. The old ways of security won’t cut it anymore.   Enable and protect the open enterprise is the new mantra. CA Security can help you do that!

CA IT Security solutions provide a comprehensive identity and access management platform that enables your organization to:

  • Securely deliver new online services quickly.
  • Enable secure collaboration among employees and partners.
  • Reduce the cost of security and compliance management.
  • Protect key assets from insider threats and external attacks.

CA IT Security – Innovative. Comprehensive. Flexible. Proven. On-premise, cloud, and hybrid.

You need to enable and protect your business. We can help. Talk to us.

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Secure the Open Enterprise

Deliver Secure New Business Services

Advanced Authentication

Combines multi-factor credentials and risk evaluation to help avoid inappropriate access and fraud.

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API Security & Management

Securely connect the enterprise to mobile apps, cloud platforms and developer networks through APIs.

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CA CloudMinder™

Ensure safe access to your applications with a robust cloud-based identity and access management solution.

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Data Protection

Data protection solutions that discover, classify and control sensitive and regulated information. Protect your business from data loss and regulatory non-compliance.

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Identity Management & Governance

Control and govern user access with effective identity management and governance.

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Mobile Security

Securely accelerate mobile service delivery with effective device, app and content control.

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Privileged Identity Management and Virtualization Security

Gain powerful control over your privileged users – in physical and virtual environments.

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Secure SSO and Flexible Access Management

Capitalize on business opportunities while keeping your company safe and secure.

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Emerging Trends in Security

Securing the Mobile, Cloud-Connected Enterprise