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CA Technology Exchange

CA Technology Exchange provides insights into emerging technologies and trends from CA’s top technical leaders around the world.

October 2014 CA Technology Exchange: DevOps

This issue explores aspects of DevOps such as intelligent software design, best practice standards, documentation and organizational adoption.



DevOps, Safety Razors and Paradigm Shifts

Article Summary: Companies should aim for more than incremental improvements; to ensure their success they should look to create new paradigms. The next paradigm shift in enterprise IT is coming and it will be spurred by DevOps and fueled by an application explosion.

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You’re going to be a software company. You’re going to need DevOps

Article Summary: Whatever sector your company works in, it's a software company. And it has to be a world-class software company. Customers, workers and partners expect apps and experiences that match the best. John Michelsen explains why this is, and how to do it.

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Five Ways to Use DevOps to Capture Innovation, Engage Your Employees, and Delight Your Customers

Article Summary: Digital, mobile and “bring your own” trends are impacting customer, partner and employee technology expectations in unexpected ways. As software eats the world, we’ll look at these trends through an unusual lens to better understand how to respond, then jump right into the application economy with these five simple steps anyone can try.

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What Smart Businesses Have Gained from DevOps

Article Summary: A recent global survey of senior IT executives shows that the benefits of DevOps are real and measurable, and adopting DevOps best practices can yield significant business benefits. Read more of the surprising results from this comprehensive look at how DevOps is being practiced by enterprises today.

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DocOps – Untapping Efficiencies of Producing Product Documentation in an Agile Environment

Article Summary: To remain competitive, software development teams are moving to Agile development methodologies and DevOps. Few invest in a Technical Content Supply Chain that can meet the demands of efficient and continuous delivery. A term we like to use in our Technical Information department is DocOps (our version of DevOps), which is about creating a Content Supply Chain that is collaborative, agile and continuous. This article recommends a documentation process or model that incorporates these DocOps qualities.

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Guidelines for Optimal Product Investment in a Variety of Products

Article Summary: When confronted by a decision of many products in which to invest capital, people sometime make a wrong decision. This article demonstrates a novel way to properly—and optimally—invest in a product when there are other products of choice.

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ITIL Invented DevOps

Article Summary: Twenty years ago, the original ITIL® team thought it might just be a good idea to get applications developers and operations managers together in a room, smack their heads together and tell them to become more efficient and provide better quality services. Of course, DevOps invented this new approach … or did ITIL invent DevOps?

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Beyond Deployment Automation: Realizing DevOps Metrics and Collaboration through APM Visibility

Article Summary Acceptance criteria based on APM metrics helps validate performance gains and enables collaboration so that a DevOps initiative results in improved software quality, not simply a faster pace of deployment.

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What Does the DevOps Organization Look Like?

Article Summary: This article introduces DevOps and its implementation, covering the approach, tools and metrics an organization needs to consider.

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My DevOps Journey

Article Summary: This article describes a team’s journey to implement DevOps techniques to improve their release process. There was no magic formula, just evaluating disconnects between development and operations one by one. Some improvements came from changing the deployment process, while other improvements came by adopting tools that provide development a more production-like testing environment.

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DevOps and Continuous Configuration Automation

Article Summary Successful DevOps organizations use continuous configuration automation to give them an accurate view of their software configurations and policies. This also provides them a kind of time machine to compare the current configuration state with any past state.

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Desktop DevOps – Personal Continuous Integration

Article Summary: DevOps melds development and operations to provide tested, production ready software to customers more rapidly and more reliably. Developers can use a personal continuous integration server on their desktop as one of the first stages of a DevOps pipeline. Personal continuous integration allows them to test changes and react to failures before they are visible to others.

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Reducing Operational Risk through Application Release Automation

Article Summary: This article examines the differences between release management in general and the specific case of application release management. It then delves into the state of the market from the perspective of the latter by looking at industry surveys before looking at why CA Release Automation solution is so effective at overcoming the shortcomings described earlier.

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Effective Solution for Defect Management across Product Releases and Builds

Article Summary: Today, software companies are just not selling products, they are selling solutions. We are living in the age of DevOps which extends the continuous development goals of Agile to continuous integration and releases. This article focuses on the challenges in using diverse set of tools along with a holistic solution in order to accommodate continuous releases in a faster and more efficient pace.

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iPaaS – Not about Connectors Anymore

Article Summary: Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) is no longer a bunch of integration connectors. Rather, it is evolving as a preferred platform for cloud services and application integration. In this article, we will take a closer look at the transformations iPaaS is going through to become a business operations platform on cloud and its position against the existing API management offerings.

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DevOps: Reporting from the Trenches

Article Summary: Using a real customer deployment, as the case study, we will uncover the step by step deployment formula, and share the challenges and lessons learned. In this article, we will take a close look at the steps you need to take to create your own continuous delivery system.

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Revisiting Development Approach with DevOps

Article Summary: To REWRITE business, we need to rewrite our development approach. Leaner processes combined with DevOps tools help us achieve this goal.

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