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CA Technologies Innovation Center

Driving Innovation by Combining CA Expertise With a World-Class Research Resource

How will emerging technologies such as cloud computing and ubiquitous mobile computing transform markets? What new revenue streams and business processes will be enabled? What new IT products and services are needed to support these next generation business processes? Answering these questions requires an integration of marketplace insights and technology analysis in a nimble, innovative and delivery-focused environment.

The CA Technologies Innovation Center at CEWIT, Stony Brook University in New York is such an environment—driving the rapid delivery of innovative, market-disrupting products and services by blending the expertise of CA Technologies thought leaders with a world-class research resource.

The CA Technologies Innovation Center at CEWIT engages a broad community of small, mid-sized and large businesses, analysts, researchers and leading-edge consumers to identify emerging needs and market trends.

Focus on Innovation

The CA Technologies Innovation Center consists of rapidly evolving communities of engineers, business leaders, industry analysts and academic researchers who gather together in an agile design, development and delivery environment intended to create game-changing solutions in nascent, emerging and growth markets.

As a component of the CA Technologies innovation platform, the center focuses on creating new insights and products that can be quickly prototyped, developed and monetized through integrations with, and extensions of, the CA Technologies portfolio of solutions.

Focus on Emerging Technologies

Creating exciting, high-impact solutions requires existing and leading-edge technologies to be combined in ways that challenge the status quo. The resulting capabilities have the potential to transform traditional business practices and create tomorrow's high-growth opportunities in areas such as:

  • Cloud and Social Networking Automation for IT and business processes
  • Cybersecurity that secures the emerging, global business and social ecosystem
  • Mobile Device Business Applications that introduce new ways for end users to interact with providers of goods and services
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