Changing Role of IT

How IT can transform from a technology gatekeeper to a service broker and respond with agility to increasing demands from the business.

Traditionally, IT mainly worried about systems and services inside the four walls of their organization, but all that is changing. Today, users are highly connected, with easy access to new consumer, mobile, social and cloud technologies, and driving an exponential growth of devices, data, and services. IT must evolve from a technology-centric guardian to a user-centric partner, supporting the business by delivering new applications quickly through a DevOps approach, advising the business on a wide range of SaaS and cloud-based service options, and ensuring the reliability and security of end-to-end business services. By adopting these and other new technologies, today’s CIO can transform from a technology gatekeeper to a service broker who responds with agility to an ever-increasing set of demands from the business.

Explore the latest research to find out what your IT peers are doing to leverage new technologies and reap the benefits. You can also learn how CA Technologies is providing solutions that help IT leaders make smarter portfolio decisions, optimize investments, drive innovation and transform their business.

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