Customer Experience

Improve the customer experience by ensuring reliable business services.

In today’s business climate, improving customer experience is imperative to building and sustaining competitive business advantage. Success depends on a company-wide commitment and orchestrated effort across teams—but no team plays a more critical role in winning customer experience than IT. Nearly every customer experience is fueled by technology, and customers frequently form their perceptions of a company based solely on their interactions with IT systems.

The pressure to improve customer experience is forcing IT to reexamine their priorities, and put customers at the center of every technology decision. With an entirely new set of approaches and tools for measuring and managing performance, accuracy and availability, IT can gain insight into the quality of customer interactions. This insight is the new measure of IT success, replacing technology component availability as a key indicator.

Business Service Reliability describes both the desired outcome, and CA Technologies approach to helping IT transform from simply assuring component availability to assuring successful customer interactions. Our approach provides the framework, best practices and methodologies that IT needs to measure, manage and assure consistently reliable services that ensure great customer experience.

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