CA Agile Planning

(formerly CA Clarity™ Agile)

With CA Agile Planning, accelerate adoption of Agile to deliver results faster.

Speed project delivery: Agile Planning and Development

To meet today’s business demands, development teams can’t continue to rely on yesterday’s tools and approaches. While Agile methodologies are key to contending with today’s market demands, projects won’t succeed without effective planning, visibility, and coordination. You need the right tool for the right job at the right time.

With CA Agile Planning, you can use the right methodology for the right job, enabling you to harness the capabilities your organization already has to maximize the advantages of Agile development. CA Agile Planning is tailored to Agile development, and it delivers the integration and visibility development teams need to collaborate effectively—so organizations can more quickly deliver innovative products to market.

Developing & Delivering Products in an Agile World

Key Features

  • Harness capabilities tailored to iterative Agile environments, including virtual walls, burn-down charts, and stories and epics.
  • Complete support for multiple methodologies—Scrum, Kanban, Waterfall, and Hybrid.
  • Enable Kanban processes for continuous improvement via a virtual Kanban board.

Key Benefits

  • Boost team collaboration and productivity of your Agile teams through online access to complete, current project details.
  • Increase delivery speed of your Agile projects through an intuitive and natural interface that takes the hard work out of planning sprints and managing backlogs.
  • Streamline adoption of Agile approaches, while retaining flexibility to uniformly manage multiple development methodologies.

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