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VIP Experience

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Why CA PPM as a Service

Simple, Trusted, Low Risk

CA Technologies, CA Dependability

VIP Experience

You don’t just buy CA PPM On Demand. You become a valued partner.
  • Get frequent business assessments: We make sure you achieve the success you need. Unlike many PPM vendors, we don’t just set you up and send you on your way. We will be with you every step of the way.
  • You have a hand in the product: We listen to our customers. We are different. Great ideas go from your organization to product reality in months, not years (or never).
  • 250,000 plus users strong: We foster a community of PPM users who are active, helpful and engaged.

Numbers to Know

Braskem safeguards R$1.6 billion in investments with CA PPM

Over €30M of annual spend on project & resource costs is managed at DSV with CA PPM On Demand

Capgemini optimizes the delivery and billing of 31,000 client project with CA PPM

Start Now

You can get started with CA PPM On Demand today.
  • Rapid ROI: With CA PPM On Demand, you can get started immediately and grow your implementation at your pace.
  • Get a head start: We get you started higher and further than other vendors. Which means you’re starting higher and further than your competitors. Outpace your competition and be the first to move to excellence.

PPM in 4 Weeks - Yes, It Is Possible!
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Why Choose CA PPM as a Service?

Many organizations are seeing the benefits of moving away from large, complex and often customized implementations that require substantial overhead and make it difficult or costly to upgrade. CA PPM On Demand helps customers realize the benefits of effortlessly staying on current releases and reducing overhead with a world class as a Service solution.

  • Easily stay current with new releases. With CA PPM On Demand, we’ll upgrade you easily and regularly to new releases. You can shorten the long cycles of release planning and eliminate the obstacles that have kept you stuck on old releases with other vendor’s legacy products.
  • Reduce overhead and risk. The system maintenance overhead you face today is not only a budget challenge, it’s a risk. When experienced staff move on, your organization loses key knowledge that can put your system at risk through problems introduced by less-knowledgeable personnel. Reduce your overhead and risk by letting the experts at CA Technologies take on your system maintenance tasks.
  • Focus on PPM, not system maintenance. With CA Technologies taking care of your system maintenance, your staff can focus on getting the most value out of CA PPM for your users. Your team can shift from “keeping the lights on” to keeping CA PPM aligned with your business needs. Imagine the potential if your team could focus on business-empowering initiatives like strengthening resource management, enabling portfolio management or implementing mobile time tracking. CA PPM On Demand frees up resources to make it possible.
  • Get more out of your PPM solution–at your pace. Your business information is the key to success together with our out-of-the-box best practices and a prescriptive approach to a PPM lifecycle. Designed for immediate results, each fixed scope phase helps you incorporate your business reality into CA PPM so you can expand capabilities in 30-45 day increments as your PPM needs mature. Now you can see a return on your investment in weeks instead of months.

Simple, Trusted, Low Risk

  • No hassle infrastructure or upgrades
  • Simple contract and subscription with no surprises
  • End the spreadsheet madness in days
  • Secure, reliable and available global data centers
  • Proven industry leader with best practices solution
  • Trusted data and functionality that thousands of global users rely on
Low Risk
  • Predictable timeframes, scope and room to grow
  • No multi-year contracts
  • High user adoption

CA Technologies, CA Dependability 24x7

Reliability Security Performance
  • Over 99.5% Availability
  • Massively Redundant Architecture
  • World-class Facilities
  • Replication Across Multiple Sites
  • No Single Point of Failure
  • Zero Action Recovery
  • 24x7 Onsite Staff
  • 24x7 Monitoring
  • CA Global Enterprise Security Standards
  • Automatic Quarterly Upgrades
  • Weekly Third-Party Security Audit
  • SSAE16 SOC I compliant
  • SAML v20.0
  • Average Response Time:0.49 seconds
  • Average Throughput:167Mb/second (10,000 Users)
  • J2EE Architecture
  • Stateless
  • Low Bandwidth


  • Linked investments align to key strategic initiatives transparently.
  • Centralized projects, resources, staffing and budgets inform impact of change.
  • Constraint-based scenario comparisons help achieve best results.
  • Mobile time management drives better adoption and more accurate outcomes.
  • Create budgets and update forecasts at the summary or detail level, including labor, expenses, materials and equipment categories.


  • Make smarter portfolio decisions above-the line.
  • Assure projects deliver desired results in line with market needs and business strategies.
  • Manage all financial aspects of your portfolio with accountability.
  • Gain better visibility and control of projects to speed delivery.
  • Drive better project execution with your choice of development methodology.