CA Service Catalog

Transform your IT organization into a proactive business partner.

What is it like to request service from your IT organization? Are you perceived as modern and engaged in delivering a superior user experience? CA Service Catalog is an enterprise grade solution that helps you increase the value IT provides to the business by communicating service offerings in terms users can understand. This IT service catalog allows you define, publish and measure services in business terms, and provide financial insight into consumption.

CA Service Catalog can help you expose specific service offerings where, when and how they are needed, whether mobile, in existing business HTML pages or in portals including Microsoft® SharePoint® and Liferay environments. This helps reduce administrative costs and enables your consumers to select services where they need them, helping them be more productive and improving customer satisfaction.

This IT service catalog also automates the delivery of services across multiple IT silos to help increase your productivity. Designed to build agility while reducing cost and risk, CA Service Catalog:

  • Enabled process improvements that saved Raymond James, a financial services holding company, more than four percent of its total service management costs.
  • Helps drive business productivity by automating the delivery of services with full price and cost transparency and supporting a variety of provider and consumer business models such as an MSP or cloud based service provider.

Intermountain Healthcare discusses how they plan to leverage the cloud in order to meet their customers’ demands in minutes, rather than weeks or months.

Acxiom discusses how their cloud services enable customers to deploy infrastructure in minutes.

Key Features

  • Provide a consumer-like storefront for all enterprise users.
  • Create a centralized location of all service offerings.
  • Publish services across multiple portals.
  • Automate routine, time-consuming, manual or scripted tasks.
  • Provide insight and transparency into service costs and performance.

Key Benefits

  • Alter your IT’s perception to that of a customer-focused business partner.
  • Help improve customer and end-user relationships.
  • Become more agile by automating and orchestrating service delivery across complex environments.
  • Define your value, set expectations and improve delivery.
  • Reduce the cost of service fulfillment, reduce manual efforts and alleviate errors.
  • Reduce risk by ensuring service delivery is aligned to service levels with metrics meaningful to customers.

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