ITIL — helping you turn theory in to reality towards your ITIL journey for service excellence.
    ITIL® is a registered trade mark of the Cabinet Office

  • ITIL® has rapidly become the de facto best practice standard in service management and the lens through which the value of services is viewed and measured. While adoption rates vary, there's no doubt that many IT organizations are turning to ITIL in an attempt to improve the quality and cost effectiveness of the services they provide to the business. Even as more organizations embrace ITIL as essential to effectively compete, many stumble in their efforts to change current practice. While expert guidance from the ITIL framework adds significant value, obstacles arise in interpreting and applying ITIL best practices and justifying the significant effort to the business:

    • Manual, repetitive procedures and workflows overburden IT resources and block pathways for change.
    • Change in one part of the business can bring down a critical service in another, leaving ITPinkVerify 15 Processes and the business in a state of reactive chaos.
    • People circumvent processes when they don’t understand their relevance or what is in it for them.

    To propel an organization’s journey to world-class Service Management, business and IT must come together, accept and use ITIL processes as the vehicle, and find and follow the optimal path.

    ITIL® is a registered trade mark of the Cabinet Office.


CA Technologies software and services will help your organization put ITIL into practice. We can help you to unify people, process and technology towards a common goal of achieving world-class service management.

To implement ITIL best practices, you should: How CA Technologies can help you:
Experience how ITIL best practices and processes can affect your business and the bottom line “CA Technologies will show you through an interactive simulation that brings ITIL concepts to life.”
Educate your staff on ITIL best practices and processes CA Technologies offers ITIL courses by a variety of job roles.
Assess and progress your ITIL project to accelerate its time to value CA Technologies Service Management services will help you change the perspective from “another IT project” to an ongoing IT service excellence program.
Use technology to integrate and automate ITIL processes “CA Technologies Service Management solutions help you improve service and drive down costs through increased automation, self-service and proactive demand management.”

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