Read the report, “Continuous Delivery Executive Brief” to find out how to accelerate the delivery of high-quality applications, and gain a competitive advantage.


Put DevOps to work with

Continuous Delivery

Automate the release of superior software innovation, reduce manual errors and deliver in hours—not weeks.

Continuous Delivery

Continuous Delivery

In today’s software-driven business landscape, delivering applications every few months just doesn’t cut it. Today, your enterprise must continuously release innovative, high-quality applications to satisfy growing customer and business demands. That’s why CA offers flexible solutions designed to automate and accelerate application deployment—from production to release—reducing manual effort and manual errors. Plus, the solutions integrate seamlessly with many environments, so you can leverage existing investments and give your team a familiar experience.

Continuous Delivery solutions from CA Technologies give you:

Up to 15x reduction in manual effort required for application release, improving your team’s productivity while lowering costs.

100 supported integrations, letting you repurpose automation steps in other applications and environments to reduce costs

Source: Based on actual Customers that have renewed with CA as of a 2014 review of CA Customer database

Continuous Delivery solutions from CA Technologies can help you:

Speed new innovations to market.

You need a solution that will streamline the delivery of complex software innovations while reducing manual tasks—and therefore manual errors.

Reduce errors, costs and bottlenecks.

Continuously releasing and updating applications becomes increasingly difficult and expensive as teams are bogged down with manual tasks.

Leverage existing investments.

You need an open, flexible solution that will integrate with your existing environments and reduce the time and energy it takes to implement.

See How Tesco stays competitive with CA Continuous Delivery Solutions

See how Tesco leverages Continuous Delivery solutions from CA to automate many of the processes it needs
to stay competitive.

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CA Release Automation

(formerly CA LISA® Release Automation)

CA Release Automation is designed to help automate and orchestrate complex application deployments—from development through production. The solution accelerates application release cycles, increases productivity and speeds up time-to-value with quick and easy integration with existing tools.

“[CA Release Automation] helps maximize efficiency while minimizing disruption to other services during release deployments.”

Luiz Ritzmann

Chief Information Officer

São Paulo Guarulhos International Airport

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