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Ok, let’s face it, there is no escaping it. Your customers are just getting savvier and more and more demanding. In fact, more, better, faster, seems to have become the rallying cry of all customers these days, regardless of what industry or segment your business is in. So, it is really no secret that if you want to stay in business, let alone succeed, delivering high-quality applications faster and more frequently to meet customer needs is table stakes. But that can be tough, especially if your people work in silos and your app delivery systems are designed to only push out one or two releases a year.

Sound Familiar?

Continuous Delivery overcomes these obstacles so you can release the apps your customers want, at the pace they demand. Remove critical dependencies and constraints so your teams can work in parallel. Radically improve testing cycles so you can test earlier, faster and more accurately. And standardize and automate your release processes to improve the quality and velocity of your app releases. You’ll deploy more functionality more frequently, with far less risk. Because when everyone works as one, great things happen.

Why Continuous Delivery?


Achieve up to 50 percent reduction in the typical application development schedule, dramatically increasing your speed-to-market.


Reduce software defect creation by up to 95 percent by automatically providing the right data for testing, to the right people at the right time.


Realize up to 15x reduction in manual effort required for application release, improving your team’s productivity while lowering costs.

Source: Based on actual Customers that have renewed with CA as of a 2014 review of CA Customer database and metrics gathered from CAs (formerly Grid-Tools) implementation experience.

Continuous Delivery Solutions from CA Technologies can help you:


With the ability to virtualize services based on your entire application architecture, your teams can work at the same time toward the same goals—and deliver high-quality apps at higher speed.


Test as you develop, not after. Easily simulate missing, unavailable or expensive components to keep your people working instead of waiting.


Reduce costs, repetition and manual errors with true end-to-end automation. Our Zero Touch Development™ automates application development, maintenance, remediation and recovery processes for physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures.

See how this world-leading fashion, and Omni-Channel, retailer slashed their performance test cycle from months to days, while maintaining their legendary customer service.

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Learn how CA Service Virtualization overcomes dev and test bottlenecks to dramatically condense your app development lifecycle. Includes seven common, real-world use cases.

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CA Service Virtualization

By simulating the behavior and performance profiles of missing, unavailable and expensive services, CA Service Virtualization helps you bring higher-quality apps to market faster, for less. In fact, this powerful solution can accelerate software delivery time by 25% to 50%. How? By enabling development and test teams to work in parallel, without conflicts over labs and data. And by allowing users to test at the component level, fewer defects escape into QA and production environments—where they’re complex and costly to fix.

CA Test Data Manager

CA Test Data Manager allows you to test at speed to achieve superior quality. Thanks to model-based testing, it significantly accelerates your application delivery by providing greater test coverage, faster test creation and repeatable test execution for software assets, while greatly reducing the cost and resources required to bring products to market.

CA Release Automation

CA Release Automation is a continuous delivery solution that easily integrates into any application release environment, simplifies and speeds how you move releases from one stage to the next, and improves application quality for your customer. Take command of the entire application release cycle with CA Release Automation.

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Discover why Continuous Delivery is an essential component of your successful Digital Transformation strategy—and how CA Release Automation helps make it happen.

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