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What Happens When Dev and Ops Come Together?

Greater Innovation, Increased Productivity, Higher Revenue

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DevOps Practitioner Series: “Metrics That Matter”—Developing and Tracking Key Indicators of High-Performance IT.

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Learn how the right metrics – actionable, open and transparent – help you measure the success of your DevOps program.

In the application economy, DevOps ignites your digital transformation.

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Learn about the challenges digital transformation has created and how DevOps best practices can be used to create competitive differentiation in the application economy

DevOps: Enterprise Organizations’ Newest Best Practice

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DevOps practices are expanding beyond the realm of unicorn start-ups, making their way into the enterprise as large organizations look for faster, more efficient and reliable ways to get code from commit to customer. We recently sponsored a research study surveying 1,425 enterprise IT and business executives from around the world to learn more about their DevOps plans, practices and expectations.

DevOps Assessment

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Organizations everywhere are beginning their DevOps journey one step at a time. As a result, some software development lifecycle processes are more mature than others. Take this assessment to learn where you are strong in DevOps and the areas you can improve, along with actionable guidance to get you there.

Continuous Delivery: Deliver software like your business depends on it

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Rapidly delivering innovative, high-quality applications can be a challenging proposition, one characterized by chaos and complexity. Continuous Delivery solutions from CA can help you overcome these challenges to improve the quality and velocity of application releases and deploy more functionality, more frequently and with less risk.

DevOps Practitioner Series

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To support digital transformation imperatives, organizations are increasingly exploring DevOps style approaches for the continuous delivery of high quality software.

Continuous Delivery

In today’s software-driven business landscape, delivering applications every few months just doesn’t cut it. Today, teams and software need to work harder and faster to deliver high-quality applications to satisfy growing customer and business demands. That’s why CA offers flexible solutions letting you develop swiftly, test automatically and release rapidly—from pre-production to release—reducing manual effort and manual errors. Plus, the solutions integrate seamlessly with many environments, so you can leverage existing investments and give your team a familiar experience.

Continuous Delivery solutions from CA enables you to:

Detect up to 90 percent more defects at least one step earlier in the software development lifecycle, when they’re easier and less costly to fix.

Reduce software defect creation by up to 95 percent by automatically providing the right data for testing, to the right people at the right time.

Repurpose automation steps in other applications and environments to reduce costs with over 100 supported integrations.

Source: Based on actual Customers that have renewed with CA as of a 2014 review of CA Customer database and metrics gathered from CAs (formerly Grid-Tools) implementation experience.

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Agile Operations

In the application economy, constant application updates are table stakes. To gain a competitive advantage, you must deliver the very best user experience by ensuring those improvements are based on real user feedback and application and infrastructure performance—from mobile to mainframe, on-premise or in the cloud. End-to-end monitoring solutions from CA can give your enterprise the holistic monitoring and in-depth management capabilities it needs to turn this feedback into valuable functions and reduce mean-time-to-recover.

Agile Operations solutions from CA enable:

Up to 77 percent faster mean-time-to-recover, reducing issues and downtime that hurt customer loyalty and revenue.

Up to 85 percent reduction in transaction response time, giving your users a better, faster experience.

Up to 60 percent increase in productivity, so your team can focus on adding value to the business.

Source: Based on actual Customers that have renewed with CA as of a 2014 review of CA Customer database

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Transform your business with APIs

Want to grow your business at scale? Go digital. Need to deliver a customer experience your competitors can't touch? That's digital too. And at the core of any successful digital strategy are APIs—giving you the ability to launch new apps faster, create stronger partner ecosystems and connect customers to your brand through mobile and IoT. So how can you successfully build and manage your APIs? We have a good idea.

Mastering Digital with API Management

Being good at APIs means two things. First, strategically aligning them to meet your business goals. And second, giving your teams the technical capability to rapidly build, manage and secure them at scale. CA API Management has you covered both ways. You get analyst-acclaimed technology that turns your digital initiatives into competitive advantages—fast. Together with a team of CA experts who can help you integrate and apply that technology—now.

Real results from CA API Management customers:

Security API management

Time to market was accelerated from ninety days to three—a 97% improvement.

Security API management

API policy creation time was cut from eight hours to twenty minutes..

Security API management

The study found a 275% ROI, with payback in twelve months.

Security API management

Data transformation times were reduced from six weeks to two days.

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