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Cloud and Linux on System z Management

Dramatically reduce complexity, cost and risk of managing and securing Cloud and Linux on System z.

Do you need to increase IT speed and efficiency while reducing costs and risks? A growing number of enterprises are adding Linux on System z and mainframe cloud to their IT infrastructures as part of virtualization and server consolidation initiatives to address these demands. CA Technologies provides cloud and Linux on System z management solutions that enable you to accelerate deployment and more efficiently manage the entire lifecycle of your Linux-based mainframe cloud applications.  

These solutions also help you secure the environment, monitor performance of new workloads and quickly recover critical data. If you would like to deliver mainframe cloud applications in days instead of months, with a more efficient and secure Linux on System z infrastructure we have the solutions to take you there.

CA AppLogic® for System z

Accelerate deployment of Linux on System z and mainframe cloud applications.

  • Full application lifecycle management.  Design, deploy, manage and de-provision Linux on System z application instances from one interface.
  • Automation API. Automate application deployment plus other actions such as start, stop and scale.
  • Virtual appliances. Virtualize the entire application environment: code, network, storage, load balancers, etc.
  • Intuitive user friendly web-based interface. Accelerate design and management of application infrastructure.
  • Service endpoints. Provide easy access to existing z/OS systems and data.

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CA VM:Manager™ Suite for Linux on System z

Reduce cost and complexity of managing z/VM and Linux on System z.

  • Increased productivity
  • Maximize resources
  • Control costs better
  • Protect assets

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CA Cloud Storage for System z

Storage capacity-on-demand with the advantage of cloud economics

  • Capacity on-demand. Access your cloud storage when you need it.
  • Increase velocity. Store, access, retrieve and recover z/OS data more quickly and easily.
  • Seamless Integration. Deliver an innovative, reliable and secure cloud storage solution:
    • Amazon Web Services – fast and flexible access to cloud storage.
      • Riverbed® TechnologiesTM – integrates industry’s most scalable and cost effective storage into your existing applications and infrastructure.

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