CA Application Performance Management

Proactively manage the applications that drive your business and reputation.

CA Application Performance Management (CA APM) is a comprehensive APM solution designed to help IT deliver critical business services with greater efficiency while maintaining a seamless customer experience. It creates a multi-tiered view of your application architecture across all environments to help you find and fix problems—before they impact business.

CA APM helps make every user interaction a loyalty-building experience. Designed to scale to your organization’s needs, this solution can manage billions of transactions from any device, automatically correlating multiple metrics to help you sort through the data and act decisively to protect the customer experience.

Some of the largest and most innovative global organizations use CA APM to help prevent, identify and quickly fix app problems. CA APM offers:

  • Mobile-to-mainframe insight for 20/20 visibility into transactions
  • Scalability at a level you can trust for the most demanding apps
  • Application Behavior Analytics™ to streamline triage
  • A personalized dashboard view of app health and customized reporting

CA Application Performance Management: Application Behavior Analytics Overview

Want to Win at the App Game? Start at the End User

Success Stories

Numbers to Know

77% of customers to reduce mean time to repair (MTTR), with 2/3 seeing over 40% reduction in MTTR

On average, CA APM customers collect 43 million metrics per day

66% of customers saw improved end user experience

Key Features

  • Deep transaction tracing
  • Application behavior analytics
  • Mobile-to-mainframe monitoring
  • Unified end user response time
  • Enterprise scalability

Key Benefits

  • Troubleshoot faster.
  • Boost IT productivity.
  • Improve the end-user experience.

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