CA Bind Analyzer™ for DB2 for z/OS

(formerly Unicenter® Bind Analyzer™ for DB2 UDB for z/OS )

Reduce resource contention and accelerate application development.

CA Bind Analyzer helps accelerate the application development lifecycle and decrease unnecessary CPU and I/O resource usage by helping you avoid unnecessary binds.

Take Away Documents

Key Features

  • Direct Results: The comparison result can be tested directly using the JCL condition code.
  • DBRMs: Capabilities are provided to report DBRM differences and to rebuild DBRMs.
  • DBRM differences identified: Differences are identified and reports are compared between a DBRM library and the catalog as well as between two DBRM libraries.
  • BIND Cards created: BIND Cards can be created for new DBRMs automatically using an existing package as a template.

Key Benefits

  • Eliminates BIND: ‘Package binds’ are not necessary unless SQL changes are encountered.
  • Access Path stability: Retains critical and well-tuned access paths.
  • Reduced catalogue clutter: Avoids resource contention and littering of the catalog with excess package versions.

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