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CA Capacity Management

End-to-end Capacity Analysis to cost optimize and right-size your IT environment.

Business stakeholders demand application performance, so IT executives need to deliver business services while maintaining the balance between performance, cost and risk. CA Capacity Management uniquely provides advanced scalability and capacity analysis with end-to-end, cross enterprise support and capabilities in order to provide the prescriptive insight needed to make informed business decisions.

  • Automatically recommend best actions to optimize IT resources.
  • Identify opportunities for consolidation and cost mitigation.
  • Turn performance data into actionable information.
  • Gain confidence from 'what-if' capacity scenarios.

CA Capacity Management in 1 Minute

The Importance of Continuous Capacity Planning

Numbers to Know

CA Capacity Management helps IT organizations:

  • Reduce HW/SW costs by minimum of 20%
  • Improve capacity planning times by 10X
  • Improve application response by 20%
  • Reduce manual tasks by 2 FTEs
  • Achieve highly accurate projections within 3% of actuals

Key Features

  • Advanced end-to-end capacity analysis from mainframe to distributed to cloud environments
  • Identify server consolidation candidates
  • Understand how re-hosting, consolidation & workload stacking affects application performance

Key Benefits

  • Reduce capital expenses for new physical servers and facilities
  • Reduce operational expenses associated with VM license fees, power, leased space, maintenance and labor
  • Identify opportunities for consolidation or virtualization in order to maximize ROI and IT asset utilization

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Cumulative Benefit Summary

End-to-end Capacity Analysis to Cost Optimize & Right size Your IT Environment

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