CA Chorus™ for Storage Management

Manage storage resources in less time, with less effort.

CA Chorus for Storage Management helps reduce the amount of time, experience and effort required to manage storage resources. It creates a detailed topology of your storage assets to help you control and optimize your usage.

Designed to spot issues and resolve them quickly, this storage management software provides a single window to monitor your system’s components, connections and efficiency. It also automates certain management tasks to help reduce time-consuming and error-prone steps. This data storage management solution takes a vendor-neutral approach to better optimize heterogeneous storage infrastructures while displaying processing and data trends and providing quick insights into storage issues.

In addition, the Cost Analysis feature enables you to identify possible anomalies and apply cost information to help you understand how the issue might impact your bottom line. CA Chorus for Storage Management supports your team’s storage goals by helping to:

  • Manage storage resources without requiring increases in staffing.
  • Find and solve issues early to help optimize storage service levels.

CA Chorus

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Key Features

  • Topology view of storage assets
  • Automated monitoring and historical storage trend analysis
  • Analysis scenario builder
  • Able to connect to multiple storage engine instances
  • Object logical relationships

Key Benefits

  • Manage data more efficiently by automating tasks.
  • Quickly view and manage storage from one view.
  • Diagnosis and resolve problems more easily to help optimize storage service levels.
  • Increase staff productivity and facilitate collaboration and knowledge sharing.

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