CA Disk™ Backup and Restore

(formerly BrightStor® CA Disk™ Backup and Restore )

Optimize your storage resources while controlling costs.

CA Disk™ Backup and Restore (CA Disk) provides comprehensive data management for protecting, archiving and restoring your critical System z data to make the best use of the storage hierarchy. It helps you optimize your storage resources and control costs by archiving infrequently used data sets to less expensive storage media.

CA Disk is designed to manage storage growth effectively through automation flexibility, a standardized interface, control and data integrity. This mainframe solution can help you to provide cost-effective management of your storage infrastructure while continuing to deliver against expected service levels through:

  • Efficient space utilization with automated idle space release
  • Self-reorganizing data sets that require no maintenance downtime

Key Features

  • Automated z/OS backup, recovery, archive and restore
  • Incremental backup and recovery for data set, volume, application and complex
  • SMS and non-SMS controlled data set management
  • Idle space release for sequential, partitioned and VSAM data sets

Key Benefits

  • Manage storage growth.
  • Optimize storage resources.
  • Control storage costs.
  • Reclaim DASD space.

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