CA eHealth®

(formerly CA eHealth® Performance Manager)

Pre-empt business impact with real-time performance analysis.

CA eHealth collects and analyzes key performance information (KPI) across your IT infrastructure to provide real-time and predictive performance analysis. This information can guide your staff toward the corrective actions needed to avoid negative impacts on business processes.

CA eHealth offers sophisticated performance reporting and out-of-the-box, role-based views, so that your organization can better understand the when, where and how of developing performance degradation. This performance reporting can enable your staff to be proactive—helping your organization avoid a loss in service quality.

This Infrastructure Management solution from CA Technologies also helps you manage multi-vendor networks, systems, databases and client/server applications with proactive, real-time analysis—distilling data from disparate sources across all technology silos into predictive and actionable information. CA eHealth also adds value to businesses by:

  • Helping to assure the health and availability of business services with centralized, proactive performance management of the IT infrastructure.
  • Demonstrating IT business value to executive and business stakeholders with extensive reporting for performance and capacity planning.

Key Features

  • Collects performance and availability statistics from sources across the infrastructure
  • Uses predictive analysis to proactively alert you of developing bottlenecks, degradations and failures
  • Sophisticated, role-based reporting performance reports demonstrate IT business value and support capacity planning

Key Benefits

  • Help assure the health and availability of business services.
  • Transform IT operations from reactive to proactive with CA eHealth patented technology.
  • Leverage infrastructure investment with third-party integration.

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