CA Fast Check® for DB2 for z/OS

(formerly Unicenter® Fast Check® for DB2 UDB for z/OS )

Monitor database consistency with in-depth integrity checking.

CA Fast Check for DB2 for z/OS monitors and controls DB2 database consistency, offering you superior performance as well as important functional advantages in the areas of managing RI, and reporting and correcting errors in tablespace or index pages. CA Fast Check for DB2 for z/OS offers you high-speed, in-depth integrity checking for data, LOBs and indexes.

Key Features

  • Integrity checking: Basic validation (such as IBM Check utilities) is performed and additional integrity checks such as DB2- managed RI checks and, LOB verification,
  • Increased performance: Integrity checking performance is increased by unique mechanisms such as parallelism, intelligent sort, and I/O processing techniques.
  • Simplified usage: Several usability features are provided to simplify data integrity checking, such as an ISPF interface, predefined check levels, and the ability to define object groups.
  • Close integration with other CA Technologies products: Ongoing Automatic checks can be performed during the process of while running CA Fast Load or CA Fast.

Key Benefits

  • Superior performance: Provides high speed validation of DB2 data consistency.
  • Simplified data integrity: Simplifies data integrity checking by providing predefined check levels.
  • Application RI checking: Checks user-defined RI as well as DB2-managed RI.

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