CA JCLCheck™ Workload Automation

Validate JCL accuracy before a job goes into production.

CA JCLCheck Workload Automation (CA JCLCheck) helps reduce delays in your production cycle. It validates the accuracy of job control language (JCL) and also helps identify execution-time errors, such as security violations and missing data sets that could cause jobs to fail. By quickly validating JCL and identifying problems, it provides users with advanced warnings so corrective actions can be taken before the job is executed in the production cycle.

Designed to optimize your team’s mainframe-based processing tasks, CA JCLCheck can automatically enforce JCL standards according to your criteria. This helps you maintain a steady flow of error-free jobs for execution—without the labor-intensive work of manually reformatting JCL.

CA JCLCheck is a secure mainframe solution that benefits your enterprise by:

  • Providing enhanced rule definition capabilities through a REXX interface ̶ giving your greater freedom and mobility among various products
  • Helping you get deeper control of your workload operations by integrating with several related products from CA Technologies

Key Features

  • JCL validation
  • Complete syntax checking
  • REXX interface
  • Detailed reports

Key Benefits

  • Helps reduce costly delays
  • Sharpens the integrity and readability of JCL
  • Enforces JCL standards
  • Improves ROI

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