CA MIM™ Resource Sharing

(formerly Unicenter® CA-MIM™ Resource Sharing )

Automate resource sharing to improve console management.

CA MIM Resource Sharing enables you to share direct access storage devices (DASD), tape devices and console resources safely and efficiently in the z/OS® and z/VM® environments. It provides a single point of control to dynamically manage your resources across all mainframe systems, regardless of configuration or location.

An industry standard used by many Fortune 500 companies, CA MIM Resource Sharing helps bolster your bottom line by delaying the need for new hardware, improving hardware usage and increasing system efficiency.

CA MIM Resource Sharing also can streamline your resource sharing and help ensure data integrity by providing:

  • Automated data sharing
  • Automated tape device sharing

Key Features

  • Dynamic system reconfiguration enables you to dynamically add CA MIM systems to a MIMplex utilizing XCF communications.
  • Automatic block size adjustment optimizes the amount of usable space.
  • Conflict notification avoids possible data loss by alerting staff to simultaneous updates.
  • CA MIM Restart Manager enables CA MIM to automatically restart after a failure, or allows you to perform a planned restart while maintaining data integrity.
  • CA MIM Trace includes a logging feature that produces CA MIM trace records as well as a CA MIM message log.

Key Benefits

  • Improves services by increasing system availability
  • Manages risk by ensuring business continuity and compliance
  • Cuts costs by sharing resources
  • Improves staff productivity by managing data access

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