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CA Network Flow Analysis

(formerly CA NetQoS ReporterAnalyzer )

Optimize application performance with 100% visibility into network traffic flow.

Application performance is quickly becoming business performance for many organizations. Optimizing the network for application performance is critical to delivering on business goals. CA Network Flow Analysis allows network professionals to gain visibility enterprise-wide into their network’s applications, hosts, conversations and QoS information. CA Network Flow Analysis is a key component within our Application-Driven Network Performance Management (ANPM) set of capabilities.

Does your current network performance management tool help you quickly and accurately answer the following questions? If you know what your network and servers are doing, it’s much easier to make effective decisions.

  • Which applications are running on your network?
  • What are the application traffic patterns?
  • Which applications and hosts are consuming the most bandwidth?
  • When are applications consuming too much bandwidth?
  • How much link capacity do you need in the future?
  • Is more bandwidth really the answer to performance problems?

Being able to quickly and accurately answer these questions lets you proactively manage your network to reduce outages and ensure efficient and cost-effective operations. By improving efficiency and lowering costs, you can change management’s perception of your department and perhaps get more favorable responses to requests for additional resources.

CA Network Flow Analysis is recognized as the industry standard for flow-based network traffic analysis in Global 4000 enterprises and large service providers. It integrates with the CA Performance Center and many CA Technologies third-party or custom IT management tools and embodies our service assurance vision of simplified, dynamic IT management.

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Key Features

  • Enhanced application-level insights & control
  • Patented anomaly detection & alerts
  • Intelligent data analysis and reporting
  • Scales for large and complex environments
  • Flow forensics for drill-down to detailed data

Key Benefits

  • Optimize network infrastructure for application performance.
  • Proactively detect potential performance issues and security risks.
  • Make informed, reality-based infrastructure decisions and investments.
  • Reduce WAN infrastructure costs.

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