CA Service Operations Insight

Get a clear and complete view of business service performance.

CA Service Operations Insight is comprehensive service management software designed to help IT and engineering manage the quality and availability of online services more effectively. This solution helps make your operations less of a technology silo-monitoring team and more business-aligned.

CA Service Operations Insight is a customer relationship management system that provides a holistic visualization of the components across technology domains—domains that deliver services to your customers by correlating data from a wide variety of CA and multi-vendor monitoring tools.

By moving beyond traditional business service management solutions, our service management software helps you pinpoint what could be threatening to your service delivery. Through cross-domain IT operations analytics, this next-generation customer relationship management system helps your operations staff take specific actions appropriate to your business priorities.

CA Service Operations Insight can help improve incident and problem management processes by providing a common understanding of services through:

  • Flexible, role-based dashboards for IT executives, service owners and operations center staff
  • Detailed service operations consoles for operations managers, level 1 operations staff and deeper levels of technical support and engineering
  • Reports on service quality, availability, risk and operational SLAs
  • Desktop and mobile device access to service status and other IT operations analytics provided by this
  • Integration with service desk and Configuration Management Database (CMDB) systems for automated ticketing, notification and routing

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CA Service Operations Insight in 1 Minute

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Key Features

  • Unified event management
  • Dynamic business service modeling
  • Service analytics and alerts
  • Service-driven automation for escalations, ticketing and process flow
  • Integrated SLA performance management

Key Benefits

  • Improves service quality
  • Improves service predictability
  • Optimizes operations

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