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CA Service Operations Insight

Get a clear and complete picture of your business service performance.

IT organizations, like yours, are under pressure to deliver and manage business services that contribute to revenue growth, increase competitiveness and promote brand value. But traditional monitoring tool sets and “siloed” practices make it difficult for IT Operations to get a complete picture of which components across their environment comprise — and impact — specific services. This can result in unexpected customer complaints, constant fire-fighting, slow mean-time-to-repair and a poor end-user experience.

CA Service Operations Insight is a next-generation solution that helps your organization understand services better and provide the best service quality and availability to customers and end users. In real time, information from your network infrastructure and application performance management tools are analyzed and correlated, so that you can accurately visualize services, pinpoint what impacts quality and what puts it at risk.

Flexible, role-based dashboards (for IT executives, service owners and operations center “big screens”) and detailed operational consoles (for operations managers, level 1 operations staff and deeper levels of technical support) help create a clear, common understanding of services. IT executives are empowered to transform operations from a technology focused team to a business service focused team.  Operations staff sees which alerts impact which services, so they can take the right actions to protect customer experience and revenue.

Service Operations Insight Demo

CA Service Operations Insight in 1 Minute

Key Features

  • Dynamic business service modelling
  • Service analytics and alerts
  • Service-driven automation
  • Integrated service level agreement performance management
  • Unified event management

Key Benefits

  • Improve service quality.
  • Improve service predictability.
  • Optimize operations.

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