CA Spectrum®

(formerly CA Spectrum® Infrastructure Manager)

Realize superior root cause analysis and ensure that your IT infrastructure delivers high performance and continuous availability.

CA Spectrum delivers robust capabilities that help your organization effectively manage its dynamic, complex IT infrastructure—including physical, virtual and cloud environments. With CA Spectrum, you can discover, manage and optimize your infrastructure and the business services running on top of it.

CA Spectrum integrates fault management, fault isolation, proactive change management and root cause analysis into a single platform to help your organization improve network service levels, while reducing fault monitoring costs. This solution automates fault management across multi-vendor and multi-technology infrastructures, tailoring information views and management capabilities to meet the needs of a broad range of technical and non-technical users.

CA Spectrum is tightly integrated with other solutions in the CA Technologies Service Assurance and Service Management portfolio for optimum performance and visibility. These solutions include:

CA Service Assurance Solution Overview

Success Stories

Numbers to Know

With CA Spectrum, customers have seen as much as:

50% improvement in MTTR

Network interruptions decreased by 30%

35% increase in first call closure rate

Note: Figures based on customer interviews in the last year re: effectiveness and performance results using CA Spectrum

Key Features

  • Service-aware fault management: Helps staff discover, model, visualize, monitor and manage the relationships between the infrastructure and the business services it supports.
  • Intelligent fault management detection: Delivers patented technologies that automate device discovery and root cause analysis, speeding issue detection and remediation.
  • Change management: Delivers the visibility and control administrators need to minimize the erroneous changes that often lead to network performance issues and outages.
  • Comprehensive coverage: Helps managers gain comprehensive visibility across physical, virtualized and cloud environments, and across a wide range of technologies, platforms and vendors to provide superior root cause analysis.
  • Customized, role-based view: Offers pre-packaged, easily customizable dashboards and reports that can be tailored to the specific needs of administrators, users and customers.

Key Benefits

  • Delivers more effective IT services at a lower cost
  • Improves IT service availability
  • Simplifies the management of your infrastructure
  • Quickly identifies root cause and remediates faults

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