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CA View®

(formerly Unicenter® CA-View® Output Archival and Viewing )

Enhance document management across your enterprise.

CA View is an enterprise-level report management solution that enables secure, real-time access to report content across your enterprise. It can host content from many enterprise sources, including applications on the mainframe, mid-tier servers and individual desktops. This provides a comprehensive single-point of reference from which to selectively view, publish and manage all types of enterprise report assets.

CA View is a scalable and extensible solution designed to help you reduce costs and meet regulation mandates while enhancing document management within your enterprise. It can minimize time-consuming manual tasks and lower document delivery and storage costs by:

  • Automating archival and retrieval for the storing and viewing of reports
  • Eliminating many of the costs associated with mass hard copy report printing and distribution

Key Features

  • Retrieve reports by user-specified criteria
  • Flexible control over the data display
  • Ability to annotate and bookmark reports
  • Leverage PCI Level Strong Encryption to protect report data

Key Benefits

  • Single point of access for enterprise reports reduces printing and distribution costs.
  • Secure information distribution so users access only what they need.
  • Automated storage management supports adherence to compliance regulations.

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