CA Workload Automation ESP Edition

(formerly CA Workload Automation EE )

A dynamic workload scheduler that minimizes batch window for optimal performance

Hosted on z Systems, CA Workload Automation ESP Edition (ESP) provides a single point of control to define, monitor and manage scheduled and event-based workloads across all enterprise applications and platforms. It provides an automation platform that is easy to use, install and manage. An object oriented architecture reduces and simplifies scheduling definitions allowing operations or application development teams to easily define schedules and calendars once and reuse them many times.

Customers are choosing CA over the competition because ESP delivers:

  • Throughput optimization - process workloads much faster than competitive tools because of its advanced architecture. This minimizes workload delays and speeds business data processing.
  • Un-interrupted availability and business recoverability - Local and remote high-availability capabilities monitors and manages itself, and can also send notifications when unrecoverable problems occur. This reduces the likelihood of any catastrophic event interrupting your scheduling service.
  • Ease of use - reduce the time-to-market for new applications by enabling automation from the initial design of the application, through the testing and execution of the production application.

Cross-Enterprise Application Support

CA Workload Automation ESP Edition extends automation capabilities to a wide variety of processing platforms to integrate business processing with workload management through CA Workload Automation Agents.

Additional extensions of CA Workload Automation ESP Edition include:

  • CA Workload Automation Service Governor ESP Edition - A unique performance management extension that acts as real-time workload and resource administrator. This provides critical intelligence needed to balance business priorities, IT services and IT resources to meet business service management goals.
  • CA Workload Automation High Availability ESP Edition – An extension that helps organizations improve uptime of business processing and insures against disaster with automatic failover from one machine or LPAR to another. It ensures that workloads run uninterrupted as the system automatically reroutes communications traffic from other servers and agents to the new, primary CA Workload Automation ESP Edition environment.

Success Stories

Numbers to Know

With CA Workload Automation customers can see quantified benefits as much as:

222% ROI and a payback of 11 months

50% reduction in effort to manage workloads

37% improvement in IT administrative staff productivity

Source: CA Technologies ROI & Business Value Analytics Team, November 2014

Key Features

  • Multi-platform scheduling from a single point of control
  • Dynamically initiate workload processes using passive event sensor technology
  • Built-in simulation, reporting and visualization tools

Key Benefits

  • Designed to ensure consistent and reliable service delivery
  • Understand the business impact of job failures before they disrupt critical business services
  • Enhances business responsiveness with easy to use self service capabilities

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