CA Workload Automation Restart Option for z/OS Schedulers

Reduce repair time and eliminate failed restarts.

Reduce the need for labor-intensive tasks such as logging job execution information and creating reports, while eliminating the need to manually restart tasks. In addition, by eliminating the risk of restart errors, this product empowers you to meet or exceed your SLA deadlines and objectives.

Key Features

  • Dynamic, random, business-driven workload automation
  • Predictive and proactive to support timely, appropriate response
  • Single point of control, ‘single pane of glass’, even a single definition for an entire business workload
  • Agent technology enables end-to-end automation

Key Benefits

  • Increases operational efficiency.
  • Improves productivity.
  • Increases availability of critical business services.
  • Reduces costs and lowers risk.
  • Enables dynamic processing of random workload with low overhead.

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