API Management

Integrate everything, enable developers and secure the open enterprise with CA API Management.

Digital business initiatives are at the forefront of enterprise growth strategies in today's application economy.

Businesses are driving to provide superior digital experiences for consumers though mobile, expand markets and revenue streams through multiple channels and connect employees and partners to enterprise data anywhere, anytime. In addition, enterprises are looking to take advantage of new technology and create opportunities to launch innovative new services in the Internet of Things (IoT).

APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) create the connectivity required to launch these initiatives by providing the ability to share enterprise data and digital content over the internet and empower developers to create apps across all of these new channels.

Positioning for Digital Business Success with API Management

In order to be successful, an enterprise must position itself to quickly deploy, scale and manage APIs to execute the variety new digital business programs.

CA API Management provides the tools any organization needs to:

  • Integrate and expose legacy systems and applications as APIs.
  • Onboard, enable and manage developers to create apps.
  • Secure enterprise data to meet the toughest compliance and regulatory standards and choose which apps, developers and partners can access your APIs.

Learn How to use API Management to Launch Your Digital Initiatives:

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