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Speed app development with APIs.

Publishing APIs empowers enterprises to expose their backend technology resources for use by internal and external developers in order to enable the creation of Web or mobile applications that open new revenue streams and give existing offerings added value. Using APIs to create new apps can significantly speed time to market in a highly competitive context.

Clearly, time is of the essence when it comes to API-based development. Therefore, it is vital for any API publisher to make it as quick and simple as possible for both internal and external developers to register for the appropriate level of access to an API and gain enough knowledge of this interface to start building client apps against it.

Onboarding developers creates a number of technical challenges for API publishers, particularly in “open API” use cases where interfaces are exposed to external developers. Every enterprise that publishes an API needs ways to help developers quickly and easily register for that API, get authorized access to the interface and start coding apps that make powerful use of its capabilities.

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Onboard developers fast to get the most from APIs.

Typically, an enterprise that needs to enable developers as part of its API initiative will work to build a community around a dedicated website or “API portal.” Almost every API management vendor offers a solution that simplifies the process of building a portal. However, not all solutions deliver the developer registration and onboarding functionality required in enterprise use cases.

Not only must the solution make it quick and simple for developers to register for APIs, it must also deal with groups of developers as well as the registration of client apps. It should additionally allow the enterprise to assign and manage details of the access allowed to each developer, organization or application, at the time of onboarding and beyond.

CA API Developer Portal is a key component of CA API Management, recognized by Forrester Research, Inc. as one of the leading API management solutions. CA API Developer Portal delivers a broad range of enterprise-level functionality for internal and external developer registration and onboarding.

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Secure and simplify registration and onboarding processes.

CA API Developer Portal simplifies the process of creating an onboarding system that enables developer organizations and individual developers (both internal and external) to register for access to an API or group of APIs. It also enables developer-friendly functionality for registering new client apps to be used against enterprise APIs.

To provide secure, easy access to backend enterprise resources, CA API Developer Portal will assign API keys and shared secrets for each client application. For ease of developer management and to maintain API security, these keys can always be gated, reassigned, suspended or revoked by the publisher, at any time.

Similarly, the API publisher is able to manage account plans to ensure internal, partner, contract and external developers gain the appropriate levels of access or to monetize API access. Developers and developer groups can be stratified into tiers, which can be defined according to features (access levels, support plans, cost per month and so on).

To help newly onboarded developers get started, CA API Developer Portal enables publishers to offer a range of educational and community resources: interactive, versioned documentation; sample applications and code; community forums; integrated messaging and automated code generation.

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