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What makes API Management solutions from CA Technologies better?

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Get enterprise-ready API management for the app economy.

APIs empower enterprises to open their IT assets for reuse in new Web and mobile applications. This makes it significantly easier to be quick-to-market with apps that create new revenue streams and add value to existing offerings. However, exposing backend systems via APIs creates a range of new security and management challenges.

API management solutions help address these challenges by providing technology that makes it possible to: secure APIs against attack and misuse; manage the consistent performance of backend system and client applications; enable internal and third-party developers to build apps that realize the true value of enterprise APIs.

However, not all API management solutions on the market today are able to address the needs of leading enterprises. These organizations need technology designed from the ground up with enterprises in mind. This technology must address all the critical stakeholders in an API publishing initiative—from lines of business to operations, security, architects and developers.

Compare API management from CA to the competition.

A truly enterprise-ready API management solution must be battle tested in the most demanding environments across the telecom, media, travel, retail, finance, payment and government sectors. Enterprises need technology that avoids compromise in any of the core components of an API management solution: the API gateway, identity broker and developer portal.

Recognized by Forrester Research, Inc. as a leading solution, the CA API Management Suite is trusted by some of the most demanding organizations across the public and private sectors. The CA API Management Suite includes CA API Gateway, CA Mobile API Gateway, a pre-integrated OAuth Toolkit and CA API Developer Portal, all of which can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud.

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Enterprise-level API Management Functionality

The CA solution delivers advantages in all the key API management components:


  • Most differentiated in performance, according to our API management customers (source: survey of 54 CA API Gateway customers)
  • Only gateway solution with both FIPS 140-2 and Common Criteria Protection Profiles for Access Control and Policy Management certifications
  • Threat detection and message content filtering built in
  • Precise, cluster-wide throttling and queuing features for SLA enforcement
  • Broad caching, compression and data conversion options
  • Integrates with existing infrastructure e.g. IAM, SharePoint, legacy protocols and data
  • Support for steaming API protocols like WebSocket and XMPP
  • API version and policy lifecycle management
  • Full operational analytics

Identity broker

  • Dedicated toolkit with ready-to-go, customizable OAuth (two-legged or three-legged) and OpenID Connect implementations
  • Onboard SAML security token service for federation and credential translation
  • Out-of-the box support for leading identity products to support single sign-on (SSO)
  • External SSO and user provisioning for services like Web applications and social networks

Developer portal

  • Lightweight or integrated deployment options
  • Grouping and packaging of APIs
  • Full privacy controls for docs and social features
  • Support for integration with enterprise LDAP for admin roles
  • Full API analytics with a broad range of customizations
  • Simplified functionality for making changes to end-points through configuration

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CA API Management Suite

Make API-based information sharing safe reliable and cost-effective.

CA API Management Suite

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CA API Gateway

Enable secure, manageable partner, mobile and cloud access.

CA API Gateway

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CA API Developer Portal

Speed the creation of apps against APIs by empowering internal and third-party developers.

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