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Enable the mobile workforce.

With the proliferation of smartphones and tablets, mobile apps are becoming vital to many aspects of people’s lives. Increasingly, enterprises are finding that employees are using their personal devices for work and requesting mobile access to enterprise applications and databases—a phenomenon known as “bring your own device” (BYOD).

Enterprises that deploy apps which provide BYOD access to backend IT assets can:

  • Increase employee satisfaction and retention.
  • Grow organizational efficiency and productivity.
  • Reduce paperwork and administrative costs.

However, exposing IT assets to mobile devices via APIs creates significant challenges around:

  • Composing mobile-friendly APIs and securing them against misuse/unauthorized access
  • Enabling internal developer teams to build truly useful apps against these APIs
  • Ensuring apps and APIs are scalable and not detrimental to backend performance

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Publish secure APIs to enable enterprise app developers.

Today’s enterprise needs to establish ways of quickly creating employee-facing apps without negatively impacting backend systems. This can be achieved by deploying an API management solution featuring advanced functionality for interface composition, API security, developer enablement, access management and performance optimization.

API management technology simplifies the process of securely exposing IT assets as APIs then using these interfaces to build new task-specific apps. With a full-featured API management solution, the enterprise can swiftly build secure, efficient apps that allow anytime, anywhere access to mission-critical IT systems.

CA Mobile API Gateway delivers advanced mobile-specific API management functionality, including OAuth, OpenID Connect and PKI features along with a Mobile SDK that makes it easy for developers to build user-friendly access control into enterprise apps, securely maintaining the smooth experience users expect from mobile. CA API Developer Portal adds a wealth of developer enablement functionality.

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Ensure secure, scalable and effective BYOD.

CA API Management addresses the specific security challenges associated with employee-facing enterprise apps. While these challenges are sometimes approached by adding security controls to employees’ mobile devices, BYOD users are generally unwilling to give their employers this level of control over their personal phones and tablets.

CA API Management empowers enterprises to maintain backend security in BYOD scenarios without resorting to device management. CA Mobile API Gateway applies enterprise-grade security at the API level and simplifies the addition of OAuth-based authentication at the app level, to implement strong security without disrupting the experience people expect from their personal devices.

CA Mobile API Gateway includes mobile-specific functionality for: dynamic message compression, implementation of Android/iOS notifications, WebSocket and XMPP streaming security, OpenID Connect-based authentication, mutual SSL, single sign-on across multiple app types, integration with social networks (e.g. LinkedIn, Google, Facebook, Salesforce).

CA API Developer Portal makes it simple to create a web-based interface through which internal developers or contractors can learn how to get the most from enterprise APIs, via interactive documentation, sample applications, code examples, forums, messaging and FAQs. CA API Developer Portal also delivers vital analytics on API health, application performance, backend service availability and SLA adherence.

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