NIEM-Based Information Sharing

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Secure information sharing to enable better decision-making.

Implementation of the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) enables quicker and more effective information sharing across jurisdictional boundaries in order to facilitate:

  • Enhanced decision making
  • Improved public safety

NIEM aims to establish and support information sharing standards and processes across all branches of the US Federal Government. The ultimate goal is to break down information silos in order to facilitate more effective cross-departmental collaboration in emergency situations like natural disasters and terrorist attacks.

Implementing NIEM presents a number of highly-specific technical challenges. Additionally, NIEM-based projects must not only address the information sharing requirements laid out by the model, they must also be implemented within the tight security, time, resource and budget constraints common to IT projects in the public sector.

Simplify secure NIEM implementation.

NIEM is proving to be a vital technical model for federal agencies that are pursuing information sharing initiatives. However, implementing NIEM within the constraints outlined above is no simple matter. There is a strong need for technologies that help these agencies to implement NIEM more quickly, easily and securely.

Using service-oriented architecture (SOA) and API gateways to secure and manage the flow of information is helping agencies to create truly interoperable information sharing architectures on time and under budget. An API gateway provides a central point for composing, securing and managing interfaces that enable efficient information flow between diverse agency systems and databases.

CA API Gateways represent a direct application of NIEM’s standards and processes for timely, secure information sharing. This technology delivers a wealth of tools that centralize and simplify the process of systematically applying NIEM standards to the design and implementation of inter-agency information sharing projects.

Get started quickly with out-of-the-box NEIM functionality.

CA API Gateway technology includes capabilities for WS-Policy, WS-Policy Attachments and WS-MetadataExchange standards, enabling the creation of robust, secure NIEM-compliant integration between backend data services and the applications that consume these services to facilitate cross-departmental sharing.

CA API Gateway comes with government-grade security certifications for integrations that span organizational boundaries, including FIPS 140-2. In July 2014, CA API Gateway had its Common Criteria Protection Profiles for Access Control and Policy Management renewed, making it the only technology of its kind to achieve this level of security certification.

CA API Gateway technology also delivers a range of NIEM-specific functionality, including turnkey capabilities for managing integration of information exchange packages (IEPs) with both NIEM-aware and non-NIEM systems. The heavy lifting of validating and transforming IEPs is removed from data sharing applications and offloaded to NIEM-focused gateways.

The Gateways also deliver dedicated functionality for decoration of message wrappers with NIEM metadata by the consuming applications and subsequent enforcement of NIEM metadata requirements by the data provider—simplifying what has proved to be a significant challenge for many NIEM implementations.

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