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Repurpose services for the API economy.

Recent years have seen a revolution in Web, mobile and cloud-based communications, content distribution and IT services. The new channels opened up by emerging online technologies have proved highly disruptive to telcos and service/content providers—creating competition from unexpected places but also offering exciting new opportunities to agile, innovative organizations.

APIs represent the key technology that will enable companies that deliver content and services via telecommunications networks and the Internet to maintain or even significantly grow their market share in this new world. APIs make it possible to quickly and easily repurpose technology and information assets for delivery through new channels and in more user-friendly formats.

Simply publishing APIs is not enough to guarantee success. The security and management challenges associated with API programs are far from trivial. Furthermore, directly monetizing APIs has not proved to be a viable business model for companies in this sector. Instead, telcos and service providers must develop innovative new ways to deliver value via APIs.

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Deploy cutting-edge technology for innovative API programs.

Launching an API program comes with a range of challenges around composing APIs, securing them against misuse, managing their performance and enabling developers to leverage them to create powerful new applications. API management platforms exist that address all of these requirements. But not all platforms address the specific needs of telcos and service providers.

The sector has seen mixed results from opening APIs to external developers and monetizing consumer-facing apps. Forward-thinking organizations are now looking to innovative new programs that focus on business partnerships and enterprise solutions as well as emerging technologies around location, identity, machine-to-machine (M2M) and quality of service (QoS).

CA API Management delivers all the interface composition, API security and developer engagement functionality required by any enterprise API program. It adds a wealth of functionality designed to address the specific challenges associated with the most innovative telco, service provider and content delivery use cases.

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Mobilize the complete solution for telco and service provider APIs.

CA Mobile API Gateway delivers a wide range of functionality for API programs across wireline, wireless, cable, IPTV, M2M, on-premises and cloud networks, including the ability to:

  • Efficiently expose legacy services for reuse as RESTful APIs.
  • Enforce enterprise-grade API security policies.
  • Filter, route and throttle API traffic to maintain backend performance and enforce SLAs.
  • Translate complex services into lightweight formats suitable for mobile and M2M.
  • Add geolocation and QoS functionality to API-based services and applications.
  • Integrate and proxy telco-specific protocols and standards, including GSMA OneAPI and OMA NGSI/NetAPI.

Pre-integrated into CA Mobile API Gateway, the OAuth Toolkit makes it simple to add advanced identity functionality to API-based resources. Additionally, CA API Developer Portal delivers everything required to give developers the technical, educational and collaborative resources they need in order to create solutions that get maximum value from APIs.

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